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UCU is a trade union and professional association representing
all types of professional staff across the UK further and higher education sector


  • is a democratic association committed to improving the working life of all members and committed to maintaining academic freedom
  • represents all academic and related staff (teachers, professors, administrative staff of all grades, researchers, computer and library staff and postgraduates, both full time and part time).
  • protects your interests and takes up individual grievences with your employer.
  • campaigns on your behalf for improved quality of education and research, salaries, conditions and pensions.
  • gives high priority to equality and diversity issues. It has four national groups for women, BME, disability and LGBT and each holds an annual conference to which Manchester UCU sends representatives.
  • has a number of special interest groups for staff such as computer staff, fixed-term non-research lecturers,and contract researchers, at both local and national levels.


  • John Stachniewski Memorial Lecture: James Loxley from the University of Edinburgh, and is entitled 'Ben Jonson's Great North Road' the lecture will take place on Tuesday 18 Feb, 5-6.30, in A101,Samuel Alexander Building.
  • 2 hour strikes: Thursday 23rd January 11-1pm, Tuesday 28th January 2-4pm and Monday 10th February 9-11am
  • Newsletter Autumn 2013:
  • The University of Manchester UCU branch is run by our members. We are a large and extremely busy branch and we always welcome new volunteers. This doesn’t necessarily mean becoming a traditional union rep; there are lots of other ways people contribute. For example, forwarding information about issues in your workplace back to the branch, putting up a poster or simply talking to colleagues about the benefits of union membership. Please could you spare two minutes to fill in the following (extremely brief) survey about possible ways you can contribute? Many thanks for your help!
  • UCU Congress Bulletin:
  • The UMUCU position on the introduction of the “Performance Enhancement Scheme” in the MHS Faculty:
    There are several difficulties with the scheme, but the most serious is the assignment of scores to staff which is insulting and demeaning. Furthermore, there seems to be no good reason why the management agenda to improve the research performance within the Faculty could not be achieved through the normal PDR (Performance Development review) process. However, UMUCU cannot - and do not - advise that members should refuse to engage in INFORMAL meetings with their line managers. We understand that the Dean has written to members who have not attended "Performance Enhancement" meetings, requesting them to meet their line managers to discuss the Faculty Strategy. UMUCU advise that you could attend such a meeting, in order to have informal and collegial discussions - so long it is NOT viewed as part of the quasi-formal Performance Enhancement scheme, and the form for that scheme is not used. If you do attend such a meeting and have concerns, please contact UMUCU.
  • You will have seen that the Faculty of Humanities has substantially revised its original 'Academic Attendance Policy' following intensive and constructive engagement with UMUCU officers. The new document now merely provides 'guidance' on these matters, rather than seeking to impose absolute and inflexible 'requirements' as previously. It recognises the many and varied calls on staff time and the inherent need for flexibility and professional discretion as to how, when and where work is done and attendance will NOT be monitored nor will staff be required to register attendance. It is also clear that the primary focus of the guidance is on those with student-facing/teaching responsibilities. Please contact UMUCU ASAP if you find that there is any local variation whereby line managers are seeking to 'put a gloss' on the guidance and interpret it, or apply it, more restrictively.
  • Voluntary moves to Teaching and Scholarship Contracts: The University has developed a policy and strategy for handling possible moves by staff from traditional Academic and Research contracts to Teaching and Scholarship contracts. Following lengthy discussions with UMUCU officers, it has been accepted that any such moves should be entirely voluntary and initiated by the member of staff in the first instance following a general communication to ALL staff that the option is available. It is for the individual to decide whether such a change is in his or her own interests. If you or any of your colleagues comes under specific individualised pressure [whether direct or indirect] to make such a move, please contact UMUCU.
  • UCU has opened a Support Centre. On this site you will find answers to many of the most common queries HQ receives, together with other useful material to inform and support you in your employment and union membership. If you are unable to find an answer to your query please contact HQ using "Give Feedback" and they'll try and put a new FAQ on the site to answer it.
  • An invitation to UMUCU members to become involved in health and safety issues at the university from our incoming Assistant Secretary for Health and Safety, Tanya Aspinall.
  • The 'Ulster and Aberdeen Cases': Employment Tribunal Determinations Little case law has so far been established for cases brought under the Fixed Term Work Regulations 2002. Read the Ulster and Aberdeen rulings to see how the Tribunal judged this particular situation.

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